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Turf Specifications

Orders need to be placed at least 24hours in advance, NO DELIVERIES CAN BE MADE ON OR THE DAY AFTER A PUBLIC HOLIDAY.


Roll Dimensions: 2500mm x 400mm (one roll covers one square meter)
Turf Thickness: 10-15mm
Average Roll Weight: 15-18kg
Max Rolls/ Pallet: 50-60 (Dependent on time of year/turf yype)
Can be collected ex farm
Can be delivered on site if required.

Q: Where can I use turf?

A: Turf can be installed practically anywhere. Even were seeding is impossible.


Q: When can turf be laid?

A: At any time of the year. There's no need to wait for the "Right" time of the year


Q: How do I work out how much turf I need?

A: Measure the area to determine how many square meters you need add 5% to allow for cutting of angles and curves etc.


Q: How soon do I have to lay the turf once it has arrived?

A: As soon as possible. Instant turf is a living product. The sooner the rollout grass is laid the less stress it will go under and the quicker it will re-establish.


Q: Should I put fertilizer down prior to laying turf?

A: Yes. Either incorporate when cultivating the site or prior to laying the turf.


Q: How often does the turf need watering?

A: Initially, water daily to keep the instant grass moist while re-establishing (about 2weeks) After this period reduce the frequency of watering to encourage the development of deeper and stronger roots. Weather conditions and time of year will dictate amount and frequency of watering. Be sure the new turf has enough moisture to survive hot, dry and windy periods. The single biggest reason for ready lawn failure is due to insufficient watering during re-establishment.


Q: How quickly does turf start putting down new roots?

A: Generally within a few days depending on the time of the year.


Q: When can I mow my new lawn?

A: As soon as you start to see new growth and ground conditions are firm enough. (Between 1-3weeks depending on turf type and time of the year)


Q: How soon can we use our new lawn?

A: Your new rollout lawn should be able to handle light traffic once the turf is firmly rooted and ground conditions permit. Generally this will be after the second or third mowing.


Q: What areas do you usually service?

A: We can deliver  in and around the Lower North Island including Kapiti, Wairarapa, Wellington, Manawatu, Palmerston North, Wanganui, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Gisborne, and Taupo. We offer local installation and can offer delivery to other North Island areas on request.

About Turflands

A home, business, park or sports field can be bare ground in the morning and covered in mature turf within hours with Turflands Turf. The finished look achieved with Turflands Turf adds prestige while it helps protect the environment from erosion, children from cuts and scrapes and carpets from mud.


At Turflands we are caring for your lawn right now. It doesn't matter what the season is, with Turflands you can have a new lawn to be proud of at any time of the year.


Whether your site looks like a swamp, a dust bowl or a construction zone, with Turflands turf you can turn that area into a beautiful carpet of green grass.


Turf is commonly known as instant lawn, rollout lawn or ready lawn.


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